Partnership with High School in Pegnitz

    Students´ exchanges between High School of Václav Beneš Tøebízskı in Slanı and High School in Pegnitz have been held since 1989, so this year it is 20th anniversary of the partnership. To celebrate it, our school organized a relay race of former and present students and teachers from Slanı to Pegnitz.

    Regular exchanges are between 10th class from Pegnitz and 30 students of different classes from Slanı. The common programme based on mutual agreement is varied. In Slanı, it includes the information about the Czech school system, attending some lessons, tours around the town and surroundings. A visit to Prague is a must, so is a theatre performance in our capital city. German students are also received by the mayor of our town. In Pegnitz, we can take part in some lessons at school, too, tour around the place and visit some well-known Bavarian towns. Students always stay in families that can prepare individual programmes for their guests.

    Every year, approximately 60 students come on sports exchanges. In autumn we do sports in Slanı, before Easter in Pegnitz. The sports exchanges include boys´ and girls´ football matches, volleyball, basketball, handball and floorball.

    Till 2006, every summer holiday, a group of 5 to 10 Czech students with their German partners also co-operated on archeological excavations in the Museum of Frank Switzerland in Tüchersfeld.

    There is also a tradition that a German teacher from Pegnitz comes to teach German at our school. All groups of our students of German, from beginners to advanced, are taught by a native speaker for a week.

    Euregio Egrensis based in the Bavarian town of Marktredwitz gives a year´s scholarship to selected Czech students from our school  who then can study at High School in Pegnitz. This project has been used by a lot of students so far – every year by 1 to 3 students who also stay with German families.

    10th anniversary of our partnership was celebrated by a relay race and 15th one by riding bikes from Slanı to Pegnitz

    Thanks to the vivid relationship between the two schools, a partnership between the two towns of Slanı and Pegnitz was also founded.